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The World Is Waiting For You To Shine Like The Jewel You Are.

Choose Your Path:

I see you.

You’ve been an achiever at EVERYTHING in your life.

  • You were always an amazing employee.
  • Crushed it in school.
  • You kinda sorta had the “Midas Touch” – everything you touched turned to gold… with EASE!

So when you decided to pursue your dream of starting your own coaching business, you had a huge WTF moment when it wasn’t smooth sailing.

It probably went something like…

  • “…Why is this so hard?
  • …Why am I struggling to get this off the ground?
  • … Why is the one thing that I desire to do SO badly the thing that has been most difficult?
  • Am I even meant to do this?”

I totally feel you, because I’ve been in your exact sparkly red shoes and I need to tell you that you are SO meant to do this.

In yoga, we are taught that the pose that is most uncomfortable for you, is usually the one you need most.  I’ve learned that the same applies to our lives.

That scary dream you have? That’s the one you’re meant to go after.  And if you make the decision to create that life, I can promise you three things.

  1. It will have a lot of discomfort and fear
  2. You will grow beyond your wildest dreams
  3. It will be so worth it

I’m not kidding when I say that entrepreneurship is personal growth on steroids!

We all have our journeys and different paths to travel in order to discover our meaning in life. If we take the road often less traveled, we end up living our true purpose. I was a bit of a wanderlust. Here’s my path.

The path I took to get from someone with a suicidal eating disorder all the way to a natural born marketing & sales strategist + mindset mentor for coaches around the world.

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