I remember the day I became a nutritionist like it was yesterday. I felt like I had just gotten my ticket to freedom. I was about to do something that meant so much to me, that would make such a huge impact on the world, and I could earn money doing what I loved. It couldn’t get more perfect than that, right? I was strong-willed, full of passion, and eager to take the world on and make a big difference.

I did everything I was told to do to start my business, and I went down the checklist to make sure I had…

My business name? Check. I’m ready to stand out.
My fancy logo?  Check. I got my brand.
My legal LLC? Check. I’m legit.
Clients? Ch–er… Zero…  (uh-oh – Where did I do wrong?)

Like most coaches on their first foray into entrepreneurship , I struggled to connect the dots.

I had absolutely everything I was “supposed to have”.

I had the passion and fire of a driven woman ready to do her thang.

I had all the business pieces put together –  or so I thought.

I didn’t know anything about branding, visibility, how to get clients, nor how to make my business fulfilling, busy, and lucrative.

Personally, I endured such a long personal battle with severe and debilitating asthma, suicidal depression,  and an eating disorder that controlled my body and emotions for years. The passion that burned inside of me to become a nutritionist came from my own journey of healing. I was serious about making my business work because it meant so much to me to help other people.

When I was 20, a pulmonologist told me that I was headed for an oxygen tank by the time I was 30 because my asthma was so severe. I wasn’t ready nor willing to be on toxic drugs for my whole life, so I began to study and search for a way that wouldn’t go against by holistic beliefs. Having the intense passion that I do, I began to study everything about nutrition and living a healthy, holistic lifestyle. All of that led me to become a nutritionist, yoga teacher, and energy healer.

I fixed my brokenness and in turn used it as fuel to become a catalyst for other people’s healings and act as a guide to walk them on their journey from breakdown to breakthroughs.

I KNEW deep in my heart that I was BORN to do this and carry out this very mission to change the world… but… how was I actually going to make it happen?


Like most entrepreneurs, I said to myself – I just need a little more education, and then I’ll know enough to make it work. Looking back, I wish I had realized that I already had the magic and power inside of myself to make it all come true; I just didn’t quite know how to tap into my potential. And, like most people, I was missing the support and community to believe in myself and stay inspired.

So, instead of pushing hard to get through that stagnant period of having a business I put my business on hold because I was full of discouragement. I decided to focus my energy on something that always came easily to me – school.  I went on to pursue my Ph.D. in Cognitive Science. But, I still felt like something was missing… It just wasn’t what I REALLY wanted to do, and it wasn’t giving me that feeling of satisfaction and gratification I was still so desperately searching for.  I had it when I was starting my business, but I gave up as  over 90% of entrepreneurs do. I had to get it back.

I learned the hard way that just because you are good at something, doesn’t mean you have to do it.

So… I made a decision that changed my entire life, and I never looked back. I had to reignite the drive needed and the obsession necessary to make it all work. So that’s EXACTLY what I did. I put my time in. I got focused and pulled myself together and made my dreams a reality. 

I joined one of the best network marketing companies in the health and fitness industry. I had the “only child syndrome,” all my life, determined to do everything myself with no support. However, with my new found business came a lot of support, and holy shit was I amazed. I immediately fell in love with the support of the groups, the endless trainings, and the contagiousness of being around such amazing, passionate, and inspired influencers. I was finally surrounded by visionaries who were looking to turn their health and wellness businesses into lucrative machines as a gateway to freedom-based living. This became my “home” and my platform to make my business expand and profit.

My team quickly rose to the top 0.3% in the company within 3 months, and I fell in love with the hustle. I trained over 50+ coaches on business building, sales, and standing out on social media through bold and authentic marketing.

I learned how to stand out in a tremendous sea of 500,000 other coaches in the company. This gave me the opportunity to be vulnerable and within that vulnerability, I also found my strengths. I shared my stories about overcoming asthma, suicidal depression, my eating disorder, and my health journey. I had no choice – I had to stand out, and the only thing that would set me from others was my story… so I owned every sentence of it.

As much success as I had, my own power felt limited by the constraints of still “working” for a company that in essence was not my own. I decided to become a high-end health coach, booked discovery calls out the wazoo (10-20 calls a week) in my first month, booked high-end clients within two weeks, and quickly realized that it wasn’t my passion anymore. Remember, just because you’re good at something doesn’t mean you have to do it.

My PASSION was and still remains business coaching.

So… I made a decision that changed my entire life, and I never looked back. I had to reignite the drive needed and the obsession necessary to make it all work. So that’s EXACTLY what I did. I put my time in. I got focused and pulled myself together and made my dreams a reality.

My PASSION was and still remains help women create profitable businesses that are in complete alignment with what they want out of life.

And now, I’m here.

Marketing & Sales Strategist +  Mindset Mentor to coaches are ready to crush it in life and in business.

I’m on a mission to help entrepreneurs turn their creative vision into focus-based coaching  business success. I show them how to end the struggle of suffering to make their money back from school, and instead, I teach them how to make endless money in a sustainable business doing what they love to do.

Wellness coaches, life coaches, NLP Practitioners, love coaches, mindset coaches …. I got your back. 

I know what it takes to stand out and succeed. There is a unique formula to make a tremendous impact. I don’t subscribe to the belief of “let’s throw shit at a wall and see what sticks” marketing strategy. I’ve got something better for you that actually works.

Just ask my clients, they’ve learned how to…

  • Discover their niche
  • Master their voice
  • Attract high-paying clients
  • Stand out and create unique offerings
  • Build a business that pays
  • And, they tapped into their power using my authentic strategies

The struggle doesn’t have to be so real.

You don’t have to do this alone.

Let’s work together and make entrepreneurship your bitch. 😉

So if you’re ready to get laser focused and make magic happen… Let’s do the damn thing.

Xo, Yuli

    My Creds:


    • Certified Clinical Nutritionist (CCN) from Natural Healing Institute of Naturopathy
    • Certificate in Plant Based Nutrition from Cornell University
    • Reiki Practitioner Level I & II Usui
    • Yoga Teacher RYT-200HR
    • NLP Practitioner in the making

    Upscale Education

    • Bachelor’s from Rutgers University in Cognitive Science, Philosophy, Math
    • Ph.D. program in Cognitive Science at the University of California, Merced
    • Cognitive Studies in Education Program M.A., Teachers College, Columbia University

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